Profit Jumpstarter is the premiere investing consulting and investing education company of the Caribbean. Keisha and her team have a total of 17 years of practical experience with large local and international corporations in North America and the Caribbean, and have been formally trained in Finance and Education in top business programs and mentored by executive professionals on finance. 

We help you clarify your investing goals and priorities, understand the moving pieces of your finances work, and be more confident that you are being smart with your money.


Meet our CEO:

Keisha Bailey, MBA, CFA, FRM

Keisha Bailey, an experienced financial strategist, and entrepreneur, is the founder of Profit Jumpstarter, an independent investment advisory and investment education firm.

After spending 17 years working in an industry traditionally reserved for wealthy baby boomers and large corporations, Keisha realized that she could provide wealth management and financial planning services more efficiently for her generation of ambitious go getters. With a passion for teaching and improving the lives of those around her, Keisha and her team are dedicated to providing both practical and relatable financial advice to hard-working professionals looking to take their wealth to the next level.

Keisha is a financial expert and a go-to resource on investing education and advice. Keisha is also a University Lecturer and loves spreading her wisdom on entrepreneurship, personal finance, and smart investing to her community.